Feature Request: Make Pre-Filters part of summary Channel EQ Curve line

This is useful, using Eiosis Air EQ as example

So are you talking about the way the solo EQ curve for each channel is displayed under the summary curve?
Love the Eiosis Air, btw. It’s a top 3 EQ for me.

hi, what I mean, is the pre-filters don’t amalgamate into the channel EQ curve. I guess they are technically separate eq/filter modules so maybe it couldn’t be done.


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Gotcha. Alles klar!

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I guess the other reason it might not make sense, is the Channel EQ can move its position in the strip… So the Pre-Filters and the Channel EQ can be quite separated in signal topology, so it wouldn’t make sense to amalgamate the EQ curve line.

How do do suggest it handles situations where one also has a high/low pass band on the channel EQ?

I believe they are displayed separately for a reason and can’t quite understand why you would want them combined. They are PRE, after all (or, before all, I suppose). :grin:

Oooops … maybe you already figured out this isn’t a good idea.

It’s not that it isn’t a good idea, it could be a preference, or configured automatically for those who have their Filters and the Channel EQ side by side in the topology, and then as soon as they aren’t serially connected if the user moves the EQ position, then the amalgamated line would disappear and revert to separated curves.

I certainly would not expect you to agree with me. Or anyone else, for that matter. I don’t think you have ever been wrong about anything. Your ideas are the greatest. You are the most incredible human who has ever lived.

There’s a methodology to that - see above how I self critiqued my idea before you did, and then applied further refinement.

that being said, I wouldn’t rate it a high priority feature. But it would increase the utility and appeal of the channel EQ potentially.

I did include an “ooopsie doopsie” post, as I realized for the first time in my life that you might have been reconsidering your own judgement.

Now that’s just funny, right there! :rofl:\

Just having a little fun. Don’t take my posts too seriously. I love you and I hate you. The hate probably carries a little more weight, though! Hee, heeeee …

First time? Theres definitely been more women than that.

Well thanks for bumping my above god level feature request.

I only hate you, because of your name.

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