[Feature request] : @martin.jirsak should be promoted as 'leader'

The title says it all, I think… But if more explanations are needed :

  • 553 solutions
  • 27 badges
  • 36826 posts

Overall, a constant involvement in these forums from him, this, since more than 10 years. And, saying this this in a rather egocentric way, I almost always check his answers to all kind of inquiries in the Cubase sub-forum : often learned something, reading them. Beside this, I see some of the so-called ‘leader’ members never or no longer interacting with us, basic mortal members. So, as the leader status is a ‘selected by staff’ one, I am asking the so-called staff to consider it.

You really should change your profile picture, I think, for a more ‘customized’ one. It would help us to see right away your interventions. Hope that you’ll consider it… :slightly_smiling_face:



When I see the green M, it’s as good as if I’m seeing superman’s S. Don’t change it!

Yep. But Superman always appear as blue, with a red cap… :grin:

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Hi @cubic13 ,

Thank you very much, it’s really very kind from you! :man_bowing:

I will consider to change my avatar even though personally I’m not fan of it. I already discovered, how much does the active member avatar change affects the whole view of the forum.

Thank you again!


You could consider still using the letter M, but as an image file using a different font (even maybe use the same background colour), so your M looks just a little different than the default M?

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Martin for president.