Feature request - master fx always-on-top lock

Hi team - title says it all really - I always have third party analysers on the master section and would like to lock them (as is possible for clip/track etc fx windows). Would be very useful.

Also, not sure whether this is a bug - if I have a (for example) clip fx window with multiple fx - a left click on individual tabs doesn’t always select the plug-in - have to click a few times or right click then click away the drop-down.

Many thanks!


Is your Master Section floating or docked?

Probably you move the mouse between the press and depress actions. If you ensure to have the mouse still, it should not happen.

thanks for the quick reply

the master section is docked with the inspector in the default position - i just moved it and it does allow both to be seen now (clip inspector and master fx window) but it would be very useful still to have the lock to avoid the workaround

i use a trackball so definitely not moving the cursor - happens also if i use the laptop trackpad
sometimes works, sometimes not…

Try to add this line:


to the file :
/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 11/Startup.ini

amazing, that worked

still slightly laggy (maybe on more cpu intensive plugs) at times but so much better - big workflow improvement, thank you!

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