Feature request (maybe)

put this down to user-being-stupid, but…
might there be a future feature where Dorico might warn one of two rehearsal letters being stupidly close together?

I think I accidentally activated the insertion of a rehearsal letter, but it’s like one bar after another one. I must have been checking a cello part or a contrabass part when I inadvertently pressed the shortcut for inserting a rehearsal letter.

unfortunately, because of the layout of the score, and how I look at it when I play it back, that extra rehearsal letter ended up being high up above the staff, and thus off my screen… meaning, I didn’t notice it.

It might be nice to be able to specify “minimum number of bars between rehearsal letters”. Or “maximum number of bars before requesting another rehearsal letter”.


In my orchestral scores I have system objects showing above the strings as well - Tempi and rehearsal marks. Maybe that would help. Like other people have responded to other possible features requests, there’s a danger of having too many options which can end up being more confusing than helpful.

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The stacking in Dorico could be improved as things get pushed off the page;

Adding hidden time sign makes it even worse;

Those with narrow margins might run into problems sooner than I do.

The only way to get them back (AFAIK) is to drag the system down;

I would suggest something like InDesign or Illustrator where you always see all items on your “desktop”.