Feature Request: MediaBay - filetype/extension allowances - for example - .nki

Hi, it would be great if I could browse .nkis and such in MediaBay

Yeah, that would be really good. But as long as NI doesn’t even support VST3, that won’t happen.
It is a shame that the large software companies are not interested in any common standards.

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My guess, they will/are in the process simply due to all the 4k resolution problems people are having.

But what does the fr have to do with VST3? Mediabay could just allow for custom file type entries by the user? ie, show anything that ends with ‘.nki’

I am also convinced that it should be technically possible to include any data formats in the media bay. But this is about company policy. Steinberg users should preferably buy HALion libraries and not Kontakt libraries.

This is true and I considered it - but - Cubase is what Steinberg is mainly selling, and Steinberg is aware of their position in the sampler market, ie, Steinberg is AMD cpu with 15% of the market, and NI/Konakt is Intel with %80 of the market. AMD isn’t going to make it impossible for their GPU products to work on Intel based motherboard.

ie, having .nki part of MediaBay is a feature that may sell more copies of Cubase, than they would sell of Halion.


Yes, that would be kind of logical. But in practice it looks different.
Another example: For a long time now, it has been possible to save the presets created in Cubase no longer in fxp or fxb format, but only as vstpresets. This format can only be used by Steinberg users.

Steinberg invented ASIO, VST and other ingenious things and still thinks today that all other companies still only have to follow Steinberg’s ideas.
The Mediabay is a great thing, and it would be nice if 3rd party products could be integrated there. It is the same with many other features that were previously only supported by Steinberg products themselves. Just think of the automatic transfer of expression maps to MIDI and instrument tracks. This works wonderfully with HALion- and GA-based products, unfortunately not with contact libraries.

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There are Intel processors available with integrated AMD GPU. Intel is using the AMD 64bit extensions in all CPU’s.
Not a really good example…

hmmm yes and no… since it is a database this can slow things down (more than it already does)

this would be very good, indeed

they try to introduce some innovation, nothing bad on this…
I’m trying to say… it’s not just black and white… everybody can use VST and ASIO but they can introduce their own technologies to the market as well…

despite my analogy - this thread is clearly not about CPUs. Secondly, my example is fine, your interjection makes no difference and doesn’t negate anything I said, in fact, you further proved my point… which was that companies don’t always benefit from excluding each others technologies. I’m not sure what you’re getting at when you just reinforced my example yet, saying it’s not a good example.

MediaBay is extremely snappy and quick for me, nothing slow about it… and my Intel system is fairly old. I’m not sure about the connection you’re making between MediaBay being a database and allowing other file types = slow? I don’t really get what you’re saying? Adding more files to the database will slow it down?

yes… that’s what I tried to say
My Media Bay shows 290.000 entries when I click on “All Media” with no filters… and it takes time to find things

yes of coarse, but it would be up to the user if they want to add .nki files, the suggestion that the user could customize their own list… if there’s something slowing it down, they could take it off the list

I’m trying to say that Media Bay needs some improvement, but adding .nki will not do “the” trick
Media Bay stores informations inside a database and to add the possibility to search for .nki will not change that much.
You still have to organize your nki files outside the Steinberg world…

I always organize my files outside the Steinberg world, makes life easier

I thought the max entries is 100,000 items?
maximum items in results list are 100,000?

it shows only 20.000 results but it finds way more entries

you can increase it to 100,000

but this is all irrelevant to my fr