Feature Request: Midi Effect to randomize PLAYBACK of Velocity and Timing

Hi Lars & the Cubasis Crew!

I’d like to ask for, or actually beg for, a midi effect in Cubasis to randomize the PLAYBACK of Velocity and Timing. Probably my biggest rub with Cubasis is that a real-time humaizing midi effect does not exist, which is very difficult in my mockups for Tom & Jerry. It takes a ghastly amount of time to randomize manually. Randomizing playback as a midi effect is such an important feature for creating living, breathing tracks in a sequencer, and it’s becoming tougher and tougher to live without, Haha!

Pretty Pretty Please? Any news that this might be incoming soon?

Keep up the great work at Steinberg…Cubasis is still the best ios daw going, I\d just like to be able to use it for my professional work more, and this missing feature has prevented that (:


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This is already there!!! You have to go on MIDI Parameters in the Inspector and put your values in “Velocity” and “Position” in the Casual 1 or 2… maybe I’m using wrong translations because I’m on the italian translation right now, anyway you can easly find those parameters in the Inspector

Hi @Johnny-Lizard ! I’m looking for it but I don’t see it!
I’m not sure this is correct. Haha

Are you sure this is for Cubasis and not Cubase?

I don’t find this anywhere in the Cubasis manual, under ‘Casual’ or ‘Position’?
Can you possibly send me a screenshot?

@LSlowak ? Any idea on this? I am not talking about quantization. I’m talking about a midi effect to randomize velocities and timing DURING PLAYBACK to a range that can be set. Remove the midi effect, and it’s back to typical, stiff, dead perfect timing. This is the only thing preventing me from using Cubasis in a mobile setup on my scoring for Tom & Jerry, etc. It’s absolutely killing me that I can’t randomize velocity and timing to a range with a simple midi effect.

Cubasis would find a ton of new users in the composer world if this simple midi effect was available


Thanks Everybody!

If you’re on iOS/iPadOS there’s a few 3rd party AUV3’s Midi Effects for this.

One of the more capable ones is Mela 3 (It’s a Synth, Audio Multi-Effect and a Midi-processor).
It lets you build your own midi and processing chains using the built-in modules.

Currently the minimum delay time for The Note Echo Module with Thru off is 5ms (so the first repeat of an incoming notes is always at least 5ms off after the initial note on).

The time value can be modulated by a random number generator and the ‘variation range’ is set with the modulation depth.

It doesn’t have to stop at timing though, you can add random variation to velocity and note-numbers as well to really simulate someone who can not play in time and hit the right notes…

But I agree, this is a quite basic task that should be ‘built-in’ but I’m not sure how the Cubasis team picks what to prioritize as the most requested features quite often feel like they slip down to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list…

I don’t know how we can put things higher up in the priority list but I think a good idea is to tag @LSlowak so he gets notified when new things are requested…

Thanks @Samuel_Lindeman ! I appreciate you taking the time to reply.
I did look at Mela 3 recently, just paused a bit, as I noticed some reviews that described the midi plugin portion of it as a bit buggy and unstable. Thoughts? Has it been stable for you using it as a midi effect?

I hope Cubasis builds this into the program soon. Its just knocking the wind out of my sails for my mockups. Haha!
All the best,

For me it’s been stable.
(I always run the latest version and keep my iOS version up-to-date (iPadOS16.4.1 as I write this)).

Mela 3 has received a la steady stream of updates (bug fixes and new features) and so far I’ve not had any major issues with it and almost every single minor thing I’ve report have been fixed and many of the features I’ve requested have been added. (The Developer is super responsive when reporting issues).

…a good tip is to check the date for the review as things get fixed over time.

All I can say is that if you’ve not yet got Mela 3 wait for the next release (Mela 4) which should be here soonish… It’s not a ‘replacement’ for the old one but rather ‘complement’ for more specific purposes.

Streambyter and Mosaic are two other AUv3’s that might do the trick if you have the patience to program scripts (even though there are plenty of pre-made ones to download).

But again, I’d love to see these kind of features ‘built-in’ into Cubasis.

One thing to note though with all AUv3 related Midi-Plug ins is that they have to wait for the host to send them the data to process, they can not ‘pull’(ie. pre-fetch events and trigger in advance) from the host only ‘push’ back (ie. trigger after slight delay).

So if full pull/push of events is needed it has to be implemented by the host, there’s no way around this…

So yeah, lets hope we’ll get Drunken, err ‘Groove Quantize’ implemented into Cubasis…

Much thanks @Samuel_Lindeman !

I noodle around in Ableton Live for certain tasks, and it has a randomnize timing range setting that only does timing randomization, but sounds amazing when you dial in the amount to loosen timing a bit. So you apply it to quantized trackes, and they re constantly randomized. it sounds beautiful, and it’s only a range of slight delays to each note. So no push-pull needed to humanize timing in real-time…just push!

I was looking at Streambyter earlier at the behest of a friend who codes a bit. He’s told me that the code for this would take very little time to write, so I’m hoping the monster coders at Steinberg will take a few minutes to stick it into Cubasis. It would sure be a boost for the folks who like their sequences to sound live :wink:

Pretty Please, Steinberg!

I appreciate your input on this, Mate!
I’ll look a bit deeper into Mela 3. Fingers crossed.

“Drunken Playback”
Sounds like the Sex Pistols mixed with Kraftwerk


Hi @terbarino,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis allows to use 3rd party MIDI effects. And there are a lot of MIDI FX plug-ins available on the market!

Hope that helps!


Yes I’m aware of that thanks

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Yes I’m aware of that thanks

Hopefully you find the plug-in you are looking for @terbarino!


Hello, what about Android version though? Afaik, there are no plugins for it

Hi @Happ1ness

Unfortunately, Google did not support the use of 3rd party plug-ins similar to what Apple offers on iOS via Audio Unit or Inter-App Audio.

We suggest to get in touch with Google to let them know that you want to see something similar, to make them aware about the demand.