Feature request(minor) - Single Movement template

Hey folks,

Absolutely certain there’s a way to do this if I monkey enough with Layout mode, however it would be handy if there was an easily accessible “Single Movement” layout template

This would be an option when setting up your file that you could just switch from multi (current default template) to single. I would see the single movement layout as this:

{@flowTitle@} (same font as projectTitle in default template, no flow number)
{@flowLyricist@} {@flowComposer@}

Each new flow would be the same, with no flow number.

Very simple to do, and it would be good if this was an easily accessible option. I’ll admit I’ve not got my head fully around the Layout screen, but ultimately the less I have to monkey with that screen to me the better.

Love the default template for multiple movement pieces btw.


I’m sure there’s more features to come in Layout and templates and Masters. For the time being, you can create your own template files to start each project on, according to type.

It’s very easy to turn Flow Headings off or on in Layout Options. You can save the options as a default for all new documents, too.