Feature Request : Montage input/output routing for record and monitor, A/B and other purposes

Hopefully, we will see an implementation of input/output routing for record and monitor on the Montage’s track. We need a simple and quick “one-click” method to A/B the input signal with plugins applied against playback on already captured tracks on Montage. Think Sadie, Sonic, Sequoia, Pro Tools or any other major DAW. Currently the Audio Input plugin on the Master Section is pain-in-the-ass to use to A/B the input against the already captured tracks on Montage.


This is why I just don’t use WaveLab when it comes to processing with my analog chain. I’d love to but it’s currently too restrictive for my preferences.

With my current DAW for the job I can:

  1. Send the source audio file/song/clip/track to more than one stereo output and D/A converter and decide which is best to feed my analog chain via my mastering console with the press of a button.

  2. Send another copy of the unmastered source to a 3rd digital stereo out so on my monitor controller I can A/B toggle the processing I’m doing via the armed record track and a version that has no plugin or analog processing. Just the raw untouched mix.

  3. Seamlessly toggle the A/D input of my capture track to decide which A/D conveyer sounds best for capturing the audio from the analog chain

  4. Have an easily linked playback source and record track timeline which makes punching in parts of new mixes from clients, or doing other tricky things really easy.

  5. Have multiple variations of a captured audio track on a takes/playlist system for easy comping/editing etc.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of how WaveLab could be improved in this area.

+1. like Cubase, and the other programs. i/o track Monitor button on a toggle shortcut key.

+1 - I would love to see something in this area as well…