Feature Request: More Key Commands


I would like to have the following in a future release of Dorico:

  • Key commands to quickly switch from Concert Pitch to Transposed Pitch, and vice versa;

  • A key command to open the Preferences dialog with the Key Commands category already selected.

Moreover the following improvements on the Key Commands preferences pane would be nice to have:

  • The possibility to search by key command too, and not only by command (I mean pressing the keystroke combination and see which commands use it);

  • The possibility (e.g. via a check box) to have command categories automatically expanded when searching.


You can already change the transposition type by key command: look under Edit > Change Layout Transposition in the Key Commands editor.

Easiest way to see what a key command is assigned to is to start the process of assigning it to something else. You’ll get a red warning with a description of the current assignment.

Thank you Daniel, Toggle Layout Transposition is the perfect one. I failed to find it because I’ve searched for “Concert” first and then “Pitch”.

Dan you’re right, but sometime the reference is clearly visible

sometime not

Screenshot 2019-03-10 at 18.46.13.png
Screenshot 2019-03-10 at 18.46.00.png

A way to search by key command is to choose Help > Key Commands, which opens a summary of your current set of key commands in the web browser. You can type key combinations into the browser window and it will show you what command, if any, the combination is mapped to.

Thank you Daniel. A very good and beautiful tool.