Feature request: Move Cursor To ... Preset

Hi PG …

For every project, I create a new montage in the Montage Window from each Wave file in the Edit Window (shift+n).

As I like to set off the start of the audio by 330ms I then use the ‘go to’ feature at the base of the screen to quickly move the cursor to that point in the new montage. This is practice produces in an efficiency for me down the track.

Although a small point, it’s a little tedious to have to re-type the value every time you do this (I did it 22 times tonight so far).

So … unless there’s a way to do this already that I’ve missed … I wonder if it’s possible to consider in the future being able to save and recall a preset value there … like for example in the Normalizer where you can save preset values for subsequent recall.

I appreciate that you have a lot more pressing features to think about so I hope you don’t mind that I raise this.

If you right click into the dialog, then there is the possibilty to recall previously used times.

At least I will set the dialog to use the last positon entered during the WaveLab session.

Thank you …

I can’t believe I missed the right click.

And thank you again PG.