Feature Request: Move tracks with keys

Currently the only way to move a track is by clicking and dragging with the mouse. This is time consuming if you have 200 tracks to scroll through. A key command to move the track down by one would be very handy. Even cooler would be a logical editor preset to move the track to a specific number like “Move selected track to position 200”. or “Move track 1 to the track 200 position”

A related feature request: when you import an audio file, it will by default put it onto an existing track instead of creating a new one. I’ve found that if i move the video track to the bottom and select it, it will create a new track corresponding to the name of the file im importing. So, I’m constantly moving the video track in order to do this. It’d be nice to have a preference that allows me to import the audio file to a new track by default.

Up or down.