FEATURE REQUEST - much more than +6db fader gain

I would like to request that the faders be capable of a lot more gain. +12db or maybe even +24db seems like it would be much more useful than +6.


That “0” at the top of the channel is input gain, if you don’t mind the gain happening there that might solve your problem for now.

Chances are if you need more than 6db boost from your volume faders, then you need to use some real gain (like offline processing) to raise the track’s input volume.

Let’s say I have a chain of 5 plugins with an expander plugin last in the chain. The expander plugin takes all of the volume away. I want to boost the volume AFTER the expander. So how do I do it? Boost the input gain? Then all 5 of the plugins are suddenly seeing a far higher input level, and they don’t sound right. So I just have to go through and retweak all 5 of them and hope the sound is the same afterward?

What about routing to a group channel and adjusting the input volume of that one?

For these purposes I use a simple gainer plugin. I got this:


If you don’t want to download an extra plug-in just for gain, use a standard compressor with the ratio set to 1:1 and use the gain knob there.

+1. Need to make sure the compressor used doesn’t color the sound even at 1:1 (unlike the Fairchild and others), otherwise there will be processing you may not want added to the gain. From what I can tell, and have heard, Cubase’s standard compressor satisfies that bill.

But probably easiest to just route the track to another whose sole purpose is to turn up the input trim on (the dial at the top of the track), then route it on its way as intended.

I don’t think the programmers foresaw this sort of usage so they tend to keep within normal range settings.
I would work out another way to build your chains. It might be easier than waiting for Steinberg to redesign Cubase.

When dealing with DAWs FX I have found that it’s best to be reasonably sure of the outcome at the masters than hoping it will sound ok.

I think this may be the best solution for the time being.