Feature Request - Multiple Moveable Rulers w/Different Start and End Points

When working on albums, I’m faced with clients listening to individual loop marker mixdowns sending me tweaks with minute and second positions of each track.

The issue with this is when I’m mixing a whole live album in one project, I don’t have any means of knowing ‘where’, say, 2m 53s is in any specific track on the timeline. There is currently only one ruler track for measuring and it’s difficult to set up because it has to be tied to the global project time.

Would it be possible to implement separate ruler tracks that could be next to specific tracks, or even multiple rulers on the same track, with start and end points to the rulers (so the rulers don’t extend to infinity)? And, if possible, the ability to ‘tie’ rulers to loop markers, so each loop marker could have its own separate ruler that could be set to whichever you want - BPM, hh:mm:ss:ff, etc.

I think this would be a decent feature many people would find useful.

Cheers, Jim.


Yes. Requested many times. Would be great of course. +1

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Hello! I presented my idea of ​​integrating a quick search for the necessary VSTs on a video that I sent to your email info@steinberg.de from ost1nofficial@gmail.com

The bottom line is that if I want to open the compressor, then it is logical that I will start typing in the search with the letter ‘‘C’’, but since a large number of plugins can start with this letter, my suggestion is that each letter, I could assign one or another favorite plugin. So that later I could call the processing I need for my tracks as quickly as possible.
I specially created a screen, using the example of a program where I work with video effects:

I really hope that my favorite Cubase will soon be ahead of all possible programs as much as possible. In turn, I am ready to try and offer new ideas for their implementation. Thank you very much!

PS for developers - If you still watch my video that I sent you by mail, there I outlined everything on this topic as much as possible! Thanks, best regards!

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Oh, one more idea just came to mind!

75 fps on the timeline for CD sequencing. It’s much easier to sequence CDs in Cubase then export to Wavelab for the final DDP/metadata editing, but I can’t get the markers to quantise to 1/75th of a second. I have to use the CD Wizard in Wavelab for quantising markers, and they inevitably shift a small amount from their original locations. Would be nice to have 75fps in Cubase timecode, too.

See User-definable Frame Rate in

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