Feature Request - "Next Play" for Markers

I would love to see a “next play” feature added to the Markers. My reason is because I’d love to start using Cubase for live play. For now I do all my sequencing in Cubase, then import the files into my Roland Fantom G Sequencer because it has this feature and Cubase does not. There are many times we’ll be in the middle of a song and we’ll want to add a chorus on the fly, or jump back and repeat a verse. With my fantom I can bring up the markers and hit a number and at the end of the measure it seamlessly jumps to the marker i’ve designated. I know Cubase has something close to this in the Arranger but not quite. With the Cubase feature in Arranger mode you have to hit the markers as you go through the entire song, other wise it just repeats the segment over and over until I hit the next marker. Who wants to do that through an entire song?! I’d like it to play in order of the markers and/or arranger from start to end. Then if in them middle of a song I want to jump to a segment I can do that and it will resume it’s play through all the markers in succession.