Feature Request:Note editing to follow Caret


In this exmaple I am trying to move note G to higher octave.
to do that I have to press esc to get out of note input the mode
then move right with arrow key to reach to the note G
then I can move up the note with command+option+up arrow

When I am entering new notes this is not a problem at all.

But If after I enter all my notes and I decided to go back or forth and try to move few notes to higher or lower pitch chromatically/Octave using key commands, I have to get out of note entry mode first. Then use Arrows to go left or right till I land on the notes and then change them.

it would be much easier if either the orange selected note constantly follow caret to the closest note or If we had a key command to have the selected orange note to move to where our caret is.

for exmaple in this exmaple my caret is very far from selected orange note.

maybe with a key command I move the previously highlighted note to where my cursor is.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to hit L and then retype the pitch?

Yes Actually with out hitting L I can also type the new pitch but I wont be able to to use any key commands to quickly move that note chromatically/octave down or up.

You can also specify whether the note should be higher or lower than the previous input pitch - granted, this doesn’t cover all scenarios (as if you wanted e.g. a 9th below the last pitch G, specifying that you want a lower F would still input the F a 2nd below) but it can be useful. In your first example, you could press Shift-Alt/Opt-G to input a G higher than the B at the caret position (or at least I’m fairly confident that would work).

Thanks Lillie,
I actually knew about those Shift+alt / ctrl when I enter notes.

so for exmaple:

If I hold Shift+alt and enter the note where my caret is I will have the note C in higher octave.

If I hold ctrl and enter the note where my caret is I will have the note C in lower octave.

These are all great but what I want is to be able to move the note by my caret and not the previously selected note.

Right now in this exmaple If I use shift+opt key commands to move notes chromatically up and down the previous note gets effected even though that my caret is in the 3rd bar.

I actually have 0 problem when I use actual midi key board and enter notes that way.

It would be nice to be able to quickly move the note by caret up and down without re-inputing it first.

Right, I guess my point was that instead of thinking of moving the existing note up/down at the caret position, you can just input a new pitch to replace it - there are some instances where that is easier, like if you don’t want to leave note input but want to change the pitch of an existing note.

That probably won’t cover all the situations you’ve mentioned in this thread, but in this instance it’s certainly an alternative option that’s already available. And it might be quicker than leaving note input or scrolling/clicking notes with the mouse (which I find a lot quicker than navigating through notes with the arrow keys if it’s further away)

Raz2020, if you simply select the note, aren’t you able to immediately chromatically alter it using the shortcuts? (or simply type the desired note or apply octave shortcut). This works perfectly for me. I believe you are not understanding that if you select a note you are able to change it immediately, without going into Note entry mode and then navigate to the desired note. And even if the caret and grid is showing (i.e. you are in Note Entry mode), the highlighted note can immediately be changed. It has nothing to do with the caret position, nor requires the user to navigate to an already selected note. The “L” mentioned by Leo is especially helpful if you want to keep the current rhythm and re-pitch several notes in a section, but for a simple “one off” of changing one note, simply select and type a new pitch, change the octave with shortcut, or change up or down chromatically or diatonically with the appropriate shortcut.

Yes I have to select the note first then I can easily move it up by octave or chromatically.
The feature that I want is to not select the notes and still be able to move my caret and move them chromatically or by octave where ever my caret is in the score.
anyway it is all good now I just need to use midi keyboard to play the notes and all is good.

I’m glad you are getting on and things are working out. I guess the bottom line is you would still need to select something to change it. :wink:

I think the problem is coming from Sibelius The right and left arrow select the note too.
In Sibelius Note, entry and moving around and selecting notes is together.
In Dorico we have Note Entry mode and when you press Esc you can move around the notes.

In Dorico you can jump from note to note outside input mode, using the arrow keys. You can even jump a bar at a time by using Cmd/Ctrl-arrow keys, and from stave to stave using up and down. You do have to remember to hit Escape first, though, if you want the selection to follow you around.