Feature Request: NotePad: when NotePad focused/typing cued - Pressing 'Insert' key inserts project time as text in NotePad

This would allow for some really nice stream of conscious note taking on a mix or composition or lyrics or whatever.

Notepad does focus the keyboard, so whereby normally pressing Insert for me inserts a marker onto a marker track this is ignored.

Thus, ‘Insert’ key could be used for this function in Notepad to insert the project time at the text-cursor.

It would make it very nice for the user to type quick point form notes and ideas,

0:00:59.200 make the riser bigger
0:01:20.441 harshness, add stereo wide/delay

This could be taken further, and utilize some basic code language symbol protocol that would designate these time stamps as being the utilized function… in which, there could be a button to turn them into markers on a specified or new marker track

example, using this ‘Insert’ project time function would show up as this

!0:00:59.200 make the riser bigger
!0:01:20.441 harshness, add stereo wide/delay

|Create Markers|

the program would see the ‘!’ exclamation mark as a marker symbol and insert a marker at that time designated message with that text as the marker text.

This would also allow someone to bounce a render, and then take notes into NotePad, to later copy back into Cubase and transfer them to markers. Or to email a record label, producer, the client etc, and as long as they know how to stay in the !0:00:00.000 format, their notes can be easily imported.

Would work for both Channel notes, and project notes.

I wonder if notepad works same as in windows. I’m a completely new user to this Daw. Did you try pressing F5? If it does work, you could open MS Notepad, and try changing display format.

Hi my request isn’t about format, it’s about having functionality tied to markers/marker tracks based off basic scripting language.

Although, yes, having control of font and basic paragraphing in Notes would be nice but is already requested in another threads.

Welcome to Cubase. My advice as a newbie, is to take the time to read and figure out the Keycommands, learn about Workspaces, learn about Visibility, and research the Project Logical Editor as well as Key Command macros. All these entities can communicate with each other, and allow you to really customize the DAW workflow for your personal style.

Thanks for the tip on the Project Logical Editor. Much easier than other Daw Midi Filter Screens. I’ll be using it a lot. It’s been 2 weeks since I purchased the program. I start every morning viewing videos that apply to what I want to work on. I break it down to the Sample Editor, Midi, Instrument Tracks, etc. Remember when we used to say " The manual! what a concept " 1250 page PDF. I do miss the printed manual where I could highlight solutions to problems as I went along. Anyway, thanks for responding.
Mike Warren

The Project Logical Editor, and Logical Editor are although the same sort of UI are meant for different things.

Logical Editor is directed at MIDI notes/data

Project Logical Editor is directed towards all aspects of the program.

The Project/Logical Editor is the one reason I could never leave Cubase and ironically, most people look over it and never get into it.