[feature request] on and off [separate] commands for 'snap'

it would be really handy if ‘snap’ was accessible via keycommands not only as a ‘toggle on/off’ command, but actually as two separate commands: “on”, and “off”.

the toggle behaviour makes writing macros a hassle sometimes because it has to assume the default state of the snap when the macro gets executed is either on, or off – but has in fact no way of knowing which it is, hence producing arbitrary results.

+1, this has come up before.

on a similar note, please make the snap button bigger, and its depressed state signalled with a stronger colour than white!

the blue in the previous versions was striking enough to sometimes see using peripheral vision. right now, it is totally hit and miss, and requires the user to keep pressing their ‘snap’ keycommand several times in a row to make sure what it’s currently set to.

basically, i would think about hiring some UX experts as some of the new GUI layout features are workflow-hindering (the way event overlap is displayed now would be another example of UX design gone pretty but ultimately wrong).

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can we just get a popup that says ‘SNAP OFF’ or ‘SNAP ON’
like you get for certain keyboard commands, also for quantise settings.

or… just a keyboard command to override the snapping (i’m sure that has been suggested a million times)

would be great

actually yes that’s a good idea too… perhaps have new button presses flash red or green for a split second, that would work…