Feature Request - Open/Edit/Export caf file

I record classical concerts on location with Logic, and use the .caf file format. I switched from WAV when I was recording a performance that had no breaks and reached the length limit of WAV.

When I am mixing the performances in Logic, I would like to be able to open a specific caf file to edit a click/noise, or other distraction, but Wavelab doesn’t let me open the caf file. I am forced to use Apple’s Soundtrack Pro, which is clunky and I can only solve my problem with much time, guesswork and aggravation, and sometime never at all.

I would like to see Wavelab be able to open, edit, and save in the caf file format.

I take note.

Thanks, Philippe. Been a fan of your work since '99. Had to abandon WL for some years when I switched to MAC but happy to be back home…