[Feature Request] Open template from MediaBay

Everything works, everything is already there …
… except a command that lets the user open a *.cpr file from MediaBay’s “Project Templates” folder as if it was opened from File > new Project.

What happens now is that you open the Template and then you can edit it, which is nice and necessary. I’d like to see the “Open” command opening a fresh new project. This is something you do way more often than edit templates, right? So next item on the the right click menu could be “Open Template for Editing”? Then you can have the “Open” command as the default and when you doubleclick it a new project opens.

In the root of MediaBay you have the “All Media” folder and in that one you have “File System” and “VST Sound”. If all *,cpr file under VST Sound behaved as described above and all files under File System opened the project all would be well?

In fact if this feature was working now I’d stop using the Project Assistent and open Cubase empty then hit my MediaBay key and go to the Project Template in one key hit and two clicks! The big difference is that you can make your own folders and subbfolders in MediaBay but not in the Project Assistant. Plus the cluttered view of the Project Assistant is totaly humanly impossible to keep track on more than a few extra templates. In MediaBay on the other hand you can add, delete, sort, select and edit and poke around til the cows come home, unless you have to make some awful music …


  1. Add a command that opens a new project and set it as the default on doulbeclick when opened from within VST Sound.
  2. Rename the command now called “Open” to “Open Template for Editing” on the MediaBay right click menu.
    Is it a good idea? :slight_smile:

What’s next, opening projects from the loo? :unamused:

I’d rather resources were focused elsewhere.

Maybe you’re just wrong? :bulb: :smiley: