Feature request: Override position of instrument change labels

Dorico’s “as soon as possible” treatment of instrument change labels is generally very practical. However, in certain cases it can cause problems. For instance, this rather mundane passage:

Clearly, the change from bass drum to marimba should be shown in the 4th ending, not within the repeated bars. Because the bass drum does not permit voices, the workaround I’d normally try (creating a note in a second voice and putting its opacity to zero) is not possible. And the often used kludge of inputting an empty text object has no effect. Nor does forcing duration on the bass drum whole rest.

In the end I have to input a whole note, change its opacity to zero, and recreate the whole rest as a text object—frustratingly time-consuming.

Eventually, it would be nice to be able to change the rhythmic position of the instrument change label. Meanwhile, if there are any quicker workarounds, I’d love to know.

We do plan in future to have a means of specifying whether an instrument change happens “early” as it does now or “late”, i.e. immediately before the entry of the new instrument. Ideally we would also make Dorico take repeats into account when determining a position for an instrument change, which is something I’ll think about.

Has this been added to Dorico 4?

It would be nice to be able to overide the instrument change labeling if you so choose.
There are instances with some of my VSTI’s where its not needed. Not sure if this is doable yet.

individually as well as globally