Feature Request: Pitch shift option for semitones

Would it be possible to get an option for pitch shifting in semitones instead of percent? Some sort of switch to toggle between percent and semitones within the transform tool and also in the menu option. I just think that a semitones option is easier to handle in a musical context.

Yes - it’s on my list for patch 3 :slight_smile:

Since I can also pitch shift a harmonics selection only I could retune single voices within an accapella recording. This will be just awesome when having the semitones option in patch 3. Will the release be within 2020?
Would it also be possible to let the plot graph measurement show the notes additional to the frequencies like it is possible for the frequency scale display on the right? For example if I measure 420 Hz it could also show “A4 (-20 cents.)” or something like that.

There will likely be a patch 3 in 2020, but there’s no timeline yet.
Plot graph units improvement : good idea.

That´s great to hear, really looking forward to it.


Is there any ETA for patch 3?

Likely by the end of the month, but this one is focused on bug fixes.

Great to hear, thanks for the quick feedback!