Feature Request - Pitch Shift without preserving time within Info-Line

Hi @steinberg,

requested as mentioned above, not the first one asking. Why?

Time-preservation with one-shots messes with transients, tone and overall quality. It’d be awesome to be able to tick/untick a box directly within the info-line as it is time consuming opening up the dialog box every time.

Use-case: micro-pitching ANYTHING for more life and detail (in my specific case today: Hihats)

Workaround: open Direct-Offline-Processing dialog and create 2 Favorites for up- and down, throw it on a convenient shortcut… try 10hz steps via // ctrl+cmd+arrow up/down // …

thanks & best,

Thanks for the edit Steve!

What you are suggesting is time-stretching without preserving the tuning aka “elastique tape”?

I’d love to change the pitch of an audio event within the Info-Line left of the pointed out Algorithm option. In doing so - right now - the timing is preserved wether with or without elastique tape.

Hope that makes sense?


I’m not sure I precisely understand, as I don’t do the type of work you’re doing. What does “timing” refer to? I take it you don’t mean speed?

But I have a feeling that your workaround is the best way to deal with that.

No worries. Let me explain quickly, maybe you know of anything.

If i were to scroll up and down within the “Transpose” and “Fine-Tune” area, the audio file preserves length (timing) and uses elastique-modes which results in artefacts and transient-issues.

So now i have to open up direct offline processing for each and every one of those… you can imagine:

bummer… btw - you don’t know of any way to automatically close the direct offline processing box after using a favourite preset?


You basically need “resample” pitch (which doesn’t preserve time) although the Steve suggest is the right one(tape Algo) but unfortunately it’s not ment to be used within project info line, but rather in sample itself. So basically you have to open every sample hit (and make unique copy) in audio editor and change tempo(while musical mode being engaged) when there were tempo slider was a bit easier
As I am not on Cubase now but I think when “tape” Algo is selected “pitch” and “fine tune” from project info line doesn’t get any effect on it.

I am completely understand on what you referring to, and what you want to achieve also considering the scale from the screenshot that will be tedious, this is more like workflow feature and Cubase shows less ergonomics for the matter you need. So I have feeling that your workaround would be the best in practice.
And you could try macro with preset you mentioned and see if it’s working.

If not there is Autohotkey/keyboard maestro where you can assign that any window can be closed. In theory it will look like this:
[Keycommand for resample pitch up]::
Sendkey v ;v=triggers desired preset of DOP
Wait 2sec
Winclose DOP