Feature Request: pitched 5-line cues for unpitched 1-line instruments

I know this has been requested before, but squeaky wheels and all that…

I find that I can’t properly cue orchestral percussion parts without the ability to show pitched cues on one-line instruments. The workaround involving making a separate layout including both the percussionist and a fake pitched instrument to which you add the cues is one of the few tedious Finale-esque “faking it” methods that still exist in Dorico, and at best results in a part where the cues are on a separate staff than the music. Unless you get fancy with system breaks and hidden staves, but that’s even more time consuming and still “fake”.

As a side note, if I try to add a cue to a percussion instrument after a one-line instrument change “to B. Dr.” label, the arrival “B. Dr.” label is showing up along with the cue (which I see does now show up as one line, which is better than nothing but still doesn’t give enough info to the player) rather than waiting for its music a few bars later.

In general I of course love Dorico for orchestral scores because it shaves not just hours but days off my previous parts-making process. (I don’t even have time to wear the “Sorry I can’t, I have to make parts” T-shirt a fellow Finale composer and I had made…). Some of the greatest things about Dorico especially for orchestral parts are that the parts are real and can remain linked without everything catching on fire, the cues are natively supported and live-updating, etc. But the lack of this percussion cue feature makes the program suddenly feel not like Dorico and like being back using Finale.

We know this is a deficiency, and we do plan to address it in future, but I’m afraid I can’t say when that will be.