Feature Request: Pre-selected options in toggles

I think it would be a time-saver to have certain options pre-selected in certain toggles in Properties. There are some of these toggles that you wouldn’t activate unless you wanted the object in question to deviate from the normal. This behavior already exists (and is appreciated!) elsewhere (e.g., gradual dynamic styles), and would be a real boon if applied to:

SLURS and TIES (auto-select dashed)
SCALE (cue)

and other spots I’m not thinking of at present.

My $0.02 respectfully submitted,

Yes, we know that it would be useful if the default values for properties could be different than they currently are. One day we’ll hopefully be able to address these sorts of things, but it’s non-trivial to do so, particularly if we want to make the initial value of the property match the current effective value.

Understood. All in good time, friend. Thanks.