Feature request, pretty please with a cherry on top

If I understand Dorico’s philosophy as “let the composer create without having the software interfere with the creative process”, then may I please request that Dorico playback the staff that is selected?

I’m not sure if it’s a bug or there’s another way of doing this, but if I’m writing for a chamber orchestra, when I open up my project and I press on the MIDI keyboard the flute (which is at the top) plays. But if want the Piano to sound I have to double click and the press ESC. This is fine if you’re just writing/transcribing, but when composing I mostly go to the piano to sort out voicings, counterpoint or harmonies. When you have to constantly move back and forth this three press procedure gets tedious…

So could I please request that Dorico plays back the instrument that is selected? That is only one click of the mouse or by navigating with the the arrows i.e. if I’m on flute and I click on the down arrow (to the clarinet), then the clarinet plays… pretty please?

Dear Bollen,
Dorico “soloes” the player(s) if you select more than one note of his/her line and press P. Have I misunderstood your post or did you just skip the part where reading documentation brings you knowledge to make things work as expected?

I think Bollen means “auditioning,” not playback. I re-read his post, and I agree this would be nice!

Ok, sorry, I misunderstood! :sweat_smile::pray: and I apologize…
And actually this could be a very interesting feature!

Oooo! I didn’t it could do that, that’s a very useful feature too. But yes, you had misunderstood the post. In all notation programs I’ve used over the years you basically need to click a stave only once to get it to play through the MIDI keyboard… And when you’re just trying out ideas you don’t want it to write…

This is certainly something we’ll consider. Did you know though that if you have Play Mode active, selecting a track will also set that for auditioning. It’s not very clear in the UI at the moment (there’s a thin highlight on the left), but at some point we’ll maybe make it a bit clearer, similar to Cubase’s monitor button.

Hi Paul,
I noticed that thin highlight but wondered the real meaning (and implications) of it — it clearly appears when the player is selected. Thanks for that information. But coming back to Bollen’s wish, it would be quite cumbersome to navigate between Write mode and Play mode to test some ideas before writing them… I hope you’ll come up with a nice solution !

You can set the staff for auditioning in Write mode by showing the caret on a staff belonging to the instrument whose sound you want to use, then leaving note input again. Paul and I were talking about this yesterday and we’ll consider making this simply follow the selection in a future version.

One of the reasons Bollen’s request is helpful is because I still find myself accidentally entering a long string of notes when I thought I was just doodling, because I neglected to turn off note input! Happens a lot.

Hi Paul, yes I was aware and have used it, but as Marc said it’s too cumbersome, in my case it’s even slower than the double click - ESC procedure…