Feature Request - Print Mode

  1. It would be useful, if in “Print Mode” physical page numbers could optionally be displayed (e.g. as an overlay or via status bar) like bar numbers in galley view.
    With “physical page numbers” I mean those that the print dialog refers to.

If I want to print certain pages only, it helps identifying them, especially if a page number change has been made somewhere or page numbers are not displayed in a layout.

  1. It would be nice if the parsing of the term entered in “PAGE RANGE” would interpret “0” as “last page”, e.g." 5-0 "would print all pages starting with page 5. So you don’t have to look, how many pages a layout actually has. In addition or as an alternative, if a page number is entered in “page range” that is higher than the layout’s total number of pages, it could be interpreted as “to last page”, e.g. “6-1000” would automatically print all the layout’s pages starting from page 6.

Currently, if you enter a page number higher than the layout’s total number of pages no pages are displayed at all.

I definitely agree with no. 2. No. 1 doesn’t bother me, as I rarely use Galley View. At any rate, isn’t that the whole point of the difference between the Galley and Page views? Galley View is, by definition, pageless.

Hi Vaughan, thanks for your reply. I was a bit unclear with my first point so I edited it. I would like to see page numbers displayed in “Print Mode” (not page view)

Ah, then I also agree with your no. 1! While you can see the defined page numbers in the preview, you do have to pay attention to any page offsets you’ve created. A separate, ‘actual’ page number could certainly be useful.

I agree with both. Number 1 has come up before and is, I believe, on the list.