[Feature Request] Project Assistant update

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Dump the toy look! It’s Cubase, not Sequel …
I’d rather have a basic Windows dialog with each template just one row high.
Why are the rows so GIGANTIC?
You can only fit a few of them in there before you need to scroll to see the last one.

Dump the categories on top. Who has a workflow that finds those categories sufficient?
Add user defined subfolders so we can sort our templates however we wish.
You can have the categories as a starting set so that a new cubaser can see how it’s supposed to work.
But after that we need to make our own folders!!!

If you have a heap of templates set up as starting points in the form of virtual rock bands, jazz band, string sections or as complete orchestras or something based on a specific VSTi or as recording templates for a recording session for a band you soon find you have LOTS of templates and you have this long mess of a list! :confused:
Then the Project Assistant isn’t really assisting …

The Project Assistant as a concept is cool, but it needs a facelift? :slight_smile:

Somewhat related to this topic

Yes I’m with you, currently about 6 tracks/presets fit in the screen and a lot of space is unused.



And my way of doing things just don’t fit into “Recording”, “Production”, “Scoring” and “Mastering” very well.
Just about all of it is Recording-ish rendering the others useless or used for something other than the name applies which I tried and it just felt awkward, no surprise haha!
Everyone is different so the idea that the program dictates the sorting of the Templates isn’t very functional?

Why not use some mirroring of what’s actually in the Templates folder on the hard drive instead.
Show a little file tree with the Templates folder as the root and let users do whatever they want with it.
Then you could get rid of the very bad idea to write the type of Template type into the file itself!
Cubase should be able read a little header portion of the *.cpr and display it in a column or use the data for sorting or whatever and for a selected file you should be able to edit the description after the fact of having the Template created.
As it is now you have to create a new Template if you think you need to change the description …

Cubase is a great or even fantastic program when you get through the mess of the way it’s integrated into Windows.
It’s just endless frustrations when it comes to bringing projects and files in and out of Cubase.
And it’s something Steinberg bring onto themselves and ultimately their customers because of this urge to reinvent the wheel and creating “Windows inside Windows” instead of using MS Windows when it’s already there.
I’m not saying Windows is perfect (!) but I’m saying that just all of the solutions we’ve seen in Cubase after the introduction of the MediaBay has been a pain where the sun doesn’t shine.
That said the MediaBay is the most functional part of “Steinberg Windows”.

Ooops! :blush:
I’m not sure why this FR ended up in the lounge haha?
Is the [FR] section newer than 2011?
Sometimes strange stuff happens and it’s a sign that you’re still alive.
No need to worry until strange stuff gets few and far between … :open_mouth: :laughing:

Anyways, mods, please move this to its proper location if you wish?

Totally agree with Ulf… :ugeek: