Feature Request - Project Info formatting

Hi all,

Obviously, I could do this in Engrave by just replacing the token with the text, however for sake of completeness of the paradigm, could we have the ability to add formatting markdown to the text in the “project info” dialog? E.g. the following lyricist information:

English Traditional c. 15th Century
Source (MS Sloane 2593, British Library, )

If I could enter that in that way - doesn’t have to be a full font formatting bar - just simple markdown e.g.

*English Traditional* c. 15 Century \n Source (*MS Sloane 2593*, British Library)

Similarly composer dates and arrangers:

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Arr. John Sneedle

Johannes Brahms (*1833-1897*) \n **Arr**. John Sneedle

Many thanks


This has been requested before. It’s an interesting idea to consider using Markdown for this purpose. I’ll certainly think about it.