Feature request: project sample rate mismatch warning

I don’t like to be hand-held, but I’ve realised that even I need it sometimes. Therefore: can we pretty please have the opportunity to turn on some sort of alert that notifies us if the project (not individual audio clip) sample rate doesn’t match the output SR? The alert is already there, but “hidden” in the project setup dialogue. I think I need to have it pop in my face with a big, red warning sign. Those who don’t can just leave it disabled :slight_smile:


I don’t understand that…
If you change the project sample rate, there is already a warning if it can’t change the converter sample rate.
And there are warnings available if you import content with the wrong sample rate and you can choose resample to fit the project sample rate.

Nope, there’s no “public” warning if it’s the other way around: have your converter set to 44 and load a project that’s in 48, you simply get a pitched down output and no warning unless you happen to look at the project setup dialogue. I’d really like a warning.

Ftr: my converter is externally clocked, so it’s not controlled by Cubase (but C does notice that there is a mismatch, it just doesn’t tell me).

Importing audio is not relevent to this.


I think that’s up to the user to notice that, as you are kind of in “manual” mode.

Well the ting is that the warning is already there, it’s just buried inside a dialogue you have to remember to open. I would like a big warning triangle, perhaps even on top of the ‘play’ icon. But this should of course be (very) optional. Not all need or want this. For me it’ll be super-useful.


Perhaps something like this