Is there a feature to show/hide the entire “racks” panel? For example: C8 has an arrow button in the top right corner of the racks panel to show/hide the quick controls; is there a way to add an arrow button that can show/hide that entire panel so it doesn’t take up so much of the project window while editing :question:

Also, is there a feature to lock the quick control knobs of the loaded instruments in the VST Instruments tab of the “racks” panel? Sometimes when scrolling up and down using the Apple Magic Mouse the knobs will rotate depending on where the cursor is pointed. I tried locking the corresponding track in the inspector column, but that will not lock that instruments quick control knobs in the “racks” panel.

top left corner of main workspace…window layout…untick the racks choice for mediabay/racks window
dont know about 2nd question but the manual may shed some light

I expect most people just use F11 to hide/unhide the rack; an arrow is not really needed, and no,no way to create one. As for that Quick Control option, requests have been made for being able to uncheck it as a default.

Thanks for the answers guys and/or gals