Feature request - re: multiple file export - save/automate mute data

I am requesting that each export saved in the export file queue/list saves track mute data from within the project, at the time of saving the export job in the queue. I often need to create multiple versions of a song mixdown–with different versions of the vocal. Each vocal version is on its own track.

Using the multi-export queue would be great for this, if the mute/un-mute state of all tracks in the project would be saved/automated as part of the “save to queue” procedure. So the process would be to unmute the first vocal track within the project, goo to the multiple export screen, set up the file name and ID3 tag for the file, then save the export job to the queue, then mute the first vocal track, unmute the second vocal track, set up its file name/ID3 tag, save the job and repeat for all remaining vocal versions.

It seems unlikely that all files would be able to export simultaneously in this case, since each export is in a different project state–however, even if the mixes had to be exported one at a time, it would still be an added convenience to batch the files out this way–versus exporting the mixes one by one manually.

I have tried to automate the procedure using Apple’s Automator, but it has not worked out.