feature request re: showing rendered file

I think this has been discussed, but it’s quite a hassle that WL has to show you each file it renders from the montage when it’s done. For some recent projects for a production house, I am rendering 5 to 10 versions of a mastered track and doing 20+ tracks a day sometimes, so it’s really annoying to have to constantly go back and forth from the edit to montage screen, especially since some of these pieces are really short and don’t take long.

I’m aware of checking the box to open files in new montage but this doesn’t work for my workflow issue.

Is there any chance of seeing an option to turn of “show rendered file” in an update to 7.2 or will we have to wait for WL 8?

Also, it would be amazing to see a feature that can add a simple track ID to the start of each file when rendering WAV files from an audio CD layout. It could pull the track number from the montage and also meta-data from the CD-Text info and embed that. iTunes track ID meta-data would be even better but I have no problem just placing the track number in front of the song name for sending to clients to approve, like this:

01 First Song
02 Second Song
03 Third Song

With physical CD’s dying out and web-based distro taking over, I think this is very important. RIght now I’m manually adding the track numbers to the track markers to get these numbers in the file name but it’s an extra step that gets old if you’re doing this everyday.

Thanks PG, I love having Wavelab on Mac but these little changes could go a long way for a daily WL user.

Yes, both options will be there in next version.
Note that for the second request, you can already do it in an additional step, by using the Batch File Renamer in the Utilities menu.

@PG1: You said the option to add a CD Track Number Prefix to each exported file will be in the next version? Was this version 8 you are talking about?

We now have WaveLab v10 and still no working option here.

The only workaround is to add a COUNTER to the file naming scheme. THIS IS NO SOLUTION !!! We do not need a counter, we need the real track number generated from the CD Text we meticulously created. That’s why we program CD Text into the project: To use this information on exporting.

Come on… this is v10 now. That’s one of the real basics that has been asked for for many years!!!


@Justin_P: Could you please support this! You seem to be an almost official WaveLab guy now. Please let’s not forget this essential feature!!

Thank you so much!


This has been supported for so long that I forgot that it ever wasn’t an option. Using the attached rendering settings, it should work just fine. I think you are going wrong by trying to render CD Track Groups which is for something other than rendering a WAV (or mp3) of each track.

CD Track Groups is for rendering multiple CD Tracks to one file, something commonly done for vinyl and cassette pre-masters.