FEATURE REQUEST: Record MIDI CC Automation to control lanes in play mode

Feature Request: Record MIDI CC Automation to control lanes in play mode
Hi there, I have heard that the Dorico team are working MIDI piano note input at the moment, and wanted to ask for a feature related to that incase it could be implemented as part of the same process, and that is the ability to record MIDI automation in to the CC lanes in play mode.

I have spent a lot of time creating the perfect expression controller which uses a great big slider to input MIDI CC data in to the computer via MIDI CC, with the aim of controlling vibrato amount / expression and the like.

Here is a link to it in action (hooked up to track quick controls in Cubase):


In Dorico, I am really excited about the possibility of using it to drive the new Vienna Synchron Player expression and cell fade options to improve expression:


This would be amazing to have as a feature


I believe this will be in scope; I imagine the issue is going to be more to do with implementing a Cubase-like interface for arming which track you want to record the automation data into. But we cannot promise for certain that this (or indeed any specific feature) will be implemented in the next update, until it’s actually done, which it certainly is not yet.