Feature request - Record Window Sizing

Greetings all.

Hello PG - it’s been looong time since I’ve had a request. (mainly because I’ve been so satisfied with Wavelab over the years - Thank you !)
Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but I did a search and didn’t find a similar topic.

What is the likelihood of a modular or reduced record window option? Since the beginning, the record window has taken up quite a bit of real estate on screen. I record into the montage regularly with multiple ‘lanes’ (doing multiple takes) and it becomes cumbersome to have to re-position the record window as the cursor scrolls across the screen or zoom around constantly to re-position my view. Would it be possible to include in the settings or options a way to designate what values remain visible in the window when recording? For example, when doing VO takes, once I’ve labeled the file and designated the folder location, I only need to see my meters, auto number and marker info during recording. This would greatly reduce the amount of real estate used by the window and I could position it above the montage so as not to obstruct my view of my lanes. Being able to modify this ‘workspace’ with a shortcut would be icing on the cake.

And…since it’s been a while since my last request…I have one more:

Can it also make ice cream??

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What is the likelihood of a modular or reduced record window option?

Did you try to click on the solo button on the Record dialog?

Anyway, a record option per montage track could be a better solution.

Can it also make ice cream??

I add it to my todo list :wink:

The size of the record window when you hit the ‘Solo’ button would be ideal, as long as you have an option to visualize and navigate the montage that you’re recording to. That may be the easiest solution. Thanks for considering. Cheers.