Feature request related (among others?) to EW Symphonic Choirs

This request concerns a tool related (among others??) to EW Symphonic Choirs.

The function in EW SC:
Place the cursor on a syllable in the WordBuilder and press F4. The first note-on signal triggers that syllable and goes on from that point.
This is a smart feature with many words in a WordBuilder instance. You don’t have to start from scratch every time, should be a big time saver! This works in Dorico, when you trigger a note with the mouse. If you trigger a syllable with the F4 key before triggering a note with the mouse, you hear that syllable. Also, it is possible to start playing in Dorico and trigger after that on the right moment the wanted syllable. But this only works with one choir voice at a time. It is almost impossible to trigger 4 choir voices in such a short time of course.

when you press the play button in Dorico, WordBuilder always starts from the first word in the text editor. Probable cause: multiple midi signals, not just note-on signals, are sent when playback is started (makes sense of course in most cases!).

Possible solution:
a pause key, which causes the next playback signal to continue playing, without sending a number of init signals (so also no cc signals that are placed before the pause moment).

I did some tests in Samplitude. They have a pause key (zero in the numerical island).
Unfortunately, Samplitude reads the last cc signals before the pause point, so it only works there if you don’t use cc20 value 127 (the signal that triggers the first syllable in WordBuilder).
So, this pause tool should technical be possible, I think with my “no programmer know-how”. I really don’t oversee all ins and outs, I’m aware of. And I’m aware also, that it doesn’t work, that we put our requests in the mailbox, and the Dorico team just does it for us. They already do so much for their customers! But it could be that this feature should be for many customers a welcome addition (and of course I’m among them :wink:).
That’s why I’m making this request.

as you probably know, there is a" learn" feature in Wordbuilder 2 which in theory allows you to synchronise your WB text to a sequencer but I’ve never had much joy with it. Of course what you’re requesting would be a godsend but I’ve no idea if it’s at all feasible to introduce into Dorico. If only WB could be programmed that it would start playing back at the cursor instead of the beginning, that would be a huge advantage in itself.

Still, I’m so used to writing in new text at the top then moving it to the bottom after testing, it’s not the end of the word but indeed, the ability to synchronize text between WB and notation software is what everyone actually wants.