Feature request - Render Whole montage naming

Hi PG!

A question and proposal related to render of Whole Montage.

When rendering Whole Montage and creating new montage in WL11 there is an untitled new montage created that you have to manually name and save.

In WL12 there is now a new montage created with the same name as the source mon file that you have to save manually.

Alongside these mon files there is also the wav file (as well as cue and mrk files) that is created and automatically named and stored based on the current Naming Scheme.

Why is not the new montage file named (and saved automatically) based on the same Naming Scheme, is this intentional?

I would like the new montage to be named (and even stored) based on the same Naming Scheme together with the wav, mrk and cue files.
All renders in the same place based on same Naming Scheme!
Would this be possible?

I basically use Naming Schemes for creating suitable subfolders for all renders and I never have to worry about deciding and adding info regarding storage location. The new montage file is the exception in this case.


If you want to use the naming scheme, use the following option (see picture). The “Unnamed File” (the name is not so good for WaveLab 12), is only for quick preview and tests.



I am using the “Named File” setting and a Naming scheme for adding subfolders as well as prefix and suffix to Name, but it only works on generated wav, grk and cue files:

The new mon file is named as source mon file:


Naming schemes are for rendered files. Not for montages created from rendered files.
What’s wrong with the name you show on your picture?


I just wished the name of the new montage was also adjusted according to the naming scheme, so that all files “generated” during render; mon, wav, mrk and .cue file are named (and stored) the same way according to the Naming Scheme.

The new montage should therefore be named:
Mon_Test Render - Short files - Splice - No Pause_240612_3248.mon.


You could create a montage from 10 rendered titles. In this case, the naming scheme has no sense. However, if you render one single wave file and create a montage out of it, the montage could get the name of that audio file. I would agree with that.

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When selecting preset for render of Whole Montage,with option for creating new montage automatically, and using a Naming Sheme, I think it would be logical to have the montage renamed the same as the other files, rather than having the same name as the source montage.


Read again what I said before:

if you render one single wave file and create a montage out of it, the montage could get the name of that audio file. I would agree with that.

Actually, this will be so in WaveLab 12.0.30 :wink:

But a naming scheme can’t be used e.g. to name tiles and a single montage (when rendering multiple audio files (title) that are used to create a montage).


Yes, I just wanted to verify what you said and the logic and pre-requisites behind it. :grinning: :+1:

Sounds great… looking forward to it!!
Thank you.


I think this is a terrible idea to permanently change and would ruin my workflow.

A user option should at least be considered here instead of breaking a perfectly fine long-standing workflow for one user request.

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I can agree with that.
There could be an option for naming, and even save the new montage, automatically based on naming scheme.

And when not using this option it could work as before/today.


Agreed. A user option would be the correct way to go about this.

Unlike what I said earlier in this thread, there won’t be any change in this domain for WaveLab 12.0.30. A user option in a later update will be considered, though.