Feature Request: Repeat Last Process

hey this would nice to have key command for.

For example, I use the eraser a lot to do manual editing but it is sometimes difficult to discern how much reduction is needed, so I could simply use a hotkey to repeat erasing the same area and hit the hotkey as many times as I need to get the proper intended reduction.

Hm… That’s a bit tricky but I understand the underlying idea.

Yeah I figured it would be tricky, it would maybe require selection history and process history to be separate things in the background - which is in itself maybe another suggestion but also tricky…

for example, if selection undo and process undo could be separate… would that even be possible. It would have to be that regular undo would undo a selection undo or process undo, ie, regular undo is always the topmost dictator of undo/redo direction.


Selection A
Process A
Selection B
Process B

If I did ‘Undo Process’ it would go back to ‘Process A’ without undoing ‘Selection B’, but then if I did a regular ‘Undo’, that would undo my ‘Process Undo’ taking me back to Process B… ie, Process Undos and Selection Undos would be held within regular Undo history. fewth, that’s a bit of a brain twist.

I have thought about such a feature too.
I very often use Process=>Gain to decrease or increase a selection by 3 or 6 or whatever dB, and a lot of times I want to do that repeatedly, over and over again.
A ”repeat last action button” would have been great!

That’s easier to implement than repeat tool :slight_smile: