Feature Request: Respect NumLock status in all text-entry boxes (such as renaming tracks)

I would like to request that Cubase respect the keypad NumLock on/off status whenever a user is typing into the user interface–for example, when typing names for tracks, names for saved presets, etc.

As it is now, when you are typing and use the numeric keypad (which many of us power users rely on) to hit the arrow-keys/home/end/delete etc, it simply inserts numbers as if NumLock were ON. So if I want to move the cursor left to fix a typo, and click the left arrow, it inserts a “4.” If I hit “Home” it inserts “7.” I have to move all the way over to the dedicated arrow keys–and since I don’t have a dedicated “Home” or “End” key, there is absolutely NO way to pop to the beginning or the end of the text entry (something I need to do frequently). It doesn’t matter that NumLock is off; it’s totally disregarded. I’ve never seen any other program do this.

I understand that disregarding the NumLock “off” status may be a deliberate design decision when in the main program (since it provides a lot of quick transport shortcuts), but once a TEXT ENTRY interface element gets the focus, it doesn’t affect the transport anyway, so there’s no need for this behavior to carry over to text entry.

Please do fix this. Every single day, over and over again, this gets in the way of my work. it is a weird and totally unnecessary speed bump to working in this otherwise sterling program. Thank you!