Feature request: Respell cue

Hello everyone!

Is there any way to respell the content of a cue? If not, is it a planned future feature and what workaround would you recommend in the meantime?

I was writing a piece in the key signature of F minor containing a sounding B major arpeggio in the Trumpet in Bb (notated like a C# major arpeggio), and after adding this as a cue in the Clarinet in A, it turned into a C double sharp major arpeggio, whereupon my face went like this: :astonished:

Best not to ask why a piece in F minor has clarinets in A instead of Bb …

As a work round, you could create another Trumpet which isn’t included in the score, just to contain the cue spelled differently.

You can edit the cue label if it ends up as “Trumpet 2” or whatever.

You can change the enharmonic spelling of the notes in engrave mode. The respell options are found in the write menu, which is not accessible in engrave mode. Keyboard shortcuts do still work though. The defaults are Alt+= and Alt±.

Yep, for some reason I didn’t expect to be able to respell a cue, but you can. Better than my work round!

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to do it, neither with the default shortcuts or via the write menu. :frowning:

It’s a valid concern indeed. The reason is that I need the sounding Db. :stuck_out_tongue: It is only temporarily, and the second clarinet is in Bb the whole time.

Frigolito, you’ve quoted the text that states that you need to be in Engrave mode, but you’ve also mentioned trying the functions in the Write menu. The Write menu isn’t visible in Engrave mode, so are you sure you’re in Engrave mode when you’re trying the keyboard shortcuts?

Actually, if I may be picky, it doesn’t say that it’s impossible. It just says that I CAN do it in Engrave mode, not necessarily that I otherwise CAN’T. :wink: However, I tried it in both modes without success.

What are you doing that’s different to this?

The difference is that I selected the cue object and expected all the notes within the object to respell themselves when pressing alt++. :unamused: Your method worked like a charm. Thanks! :smiley:

It didn’t occur to me in the moment, but: you can select the first cue note then hit Shift+Ctr/Command+A to select more. Much quicker.