Feature Request: Restore 'Save As' for Projects


In recent past versions, the option to ‘save as’ for a Project was available.

If you have been using Project for a long time (as I have) this can be quite useful.

If this command could be restored that would be helpful (I appreciate there are work a rounds and I am using those when necessary).

BTW, I did try Save Other Version to see if that could do the job but unfortunately on my Windows 10 current build system this creates an error (even in an empty project):

[2024/03/28 20:31:42] INFO: [ 5088.305 / 9828 W default] QDragManager::drag in possibly invalid state

WL does not crash … nothing happens at all except the error log creation (which makes no sense to me)

But that is getting a little off topic.

I will leave this request for your consideration.

Thanks as always

What would this be useful for, since there are two save functions:

  • Save Other Version: this is as the old “Save As”, with an automatic generated name in the same folder.
  • Back up: this is a “save as” that also copies all media to the new location.


OK … I missed the effect of those functions.

I will experiment and see if that does what I am missing … for example where you want to save, for example a template that you have made, as a Project in another session folder set.

Thanks as always


Don’t forget this:


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Thank you!