Feature request: "Revert"

It would be quite convenient to have a “Revert” option in the File menu.
Revert closes the current project without saving, and reopens it as per the last saved version.
Surprisingly useful when one’s made some experiments or other changes to a project, which then need to be discarded.


Doesn’t close and ‘don’t save changes’ do this?
Also didn’t I see a video with an undo list now to go back to wherever you want?

Close and don’t save changes is half of “Revert”. Revert also then reopens the document.
However, in some setups (such as mine) closing the last project closes Dorico as well. And usually I’m only working on 1 project at a time so if I do want to revert the current project there is no simple way of doing this.
You’re right about the undo history, I think I also noticed that this was added. But undo is usually less reliable and potentially more buggy than reopening the previously saved instance of a project. It’s not quite as safe as reopening the same project if things go wrong.
A “Revert” feature is fairly standard in the File menu of a lot of software these days. Adobe InDesign has had it since for ever, and I use it a lot there.

It would be particularly useful on the iPad, where the file is saved automatically, rather than at the user’s request.

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I’d like to see a revert function supported. Of course, auto saved versions of your project are thrown into the bin, not overwritten, so it’s always a good place to go searching in an emergency. An ‘in Dorico’ interface presenting your session’s autosave would be nice.

I’ve recently started using Duplicate Flow when starting a conjectural sketch.