Feature Request - Roman Numeral Analysis


I have seen Daniels comment on this. I just want to add my voice to the group requesting it. Can we Please, please, please have this added as a text entry element below the staff bars?

For now I am using the Ctrl-Q chord entry method but I requires me to think in a totally different way when trying to do analysis… :slight_smile: .


I can certainly imagine us working on a proper feature for harmonic analysis that would allow both Roman numerals and function symbols in due course, but I’m afraid it’s unlikely to be very soon.

I have had good results using the Lyric popover; here is a recent thread showing how to do it:


Hi, I just wanted to bump up this topic and request roman numeral analysis in Dorico. I use roman numeral analysis for essentially every project I work on. I currently just use the text functionality, but the numerals end up being not aligned horizontally (looks messy). It also displays in the middle of the grand staff. I know that in advanced settings, you can manually make it appear below but that is a lot of work. Also, for analysis of key changes, it would be great if you could add a system for displaying the corresponding numerals in each key stacked on top of each other, kind of like in this photo: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/bb/Chopin_-_Prelude_in_C_minor_opening_modulation.png
Thank you

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Could you use Lyrics, rather than text, in much the same way as figured bass is done with a specialist font?

Musescore developer Marc Sabatella has started developing a special font for RNA that should work fine with lyrics in Dorico:

Being a theory instructor I am really looking forward to the day when this will be incorporated in Dorico. That and a quick graphic copy like alt+G in Sibelius. Ok, I also want fully supported figured bass.

Roman Numerals: One thing that bothers me with a lot of roman numeral fonts and workarounds is the use of serifs simply because I find it is problematic as a teaching tool for students that will be asked to do analysis by hand. I currently use a modified version of the font shpfltnat as it incorporates beams for major chords. I also do a couple of other less common things so I just would like to request that the roman numeral analysis system, whenever it is put into place (I hope soon!), will have the same flexibility that chord symbols with the editor have.