Feature Request: Save Custom Formatting to Hub

I just spent an hour watching a youtube about customizing templates and it would be real nice to be able to save my new customized template to the Hub and/or as a “format” that can be applied to whatever document I’m working on. Just like you can in Sibelius.
I did save a Dorico document to my hard drive as a template, but what I need is to be able to create some music, save it for print, AND THEN “save as” and change the formatting to produce a PDF or iPad.


Welcome to the forum, eedubya. You can do it as you describe: write your music in whatever project you like, then open your template file and do File > Import > Flow to import the flow or flows from the project in which you’ve written the music. When it is imported into your template project, it will then assume all of the settings of that template.