Feature Request: Scroll Lock/Freeze in Galley Mode

I was just working through an SATB/piano score and thought it would be nice to be able to lock/freeze the vertical position of a small score such as this, so that you’re not moving in weird ways when scrolling (especially on a laptop). It’d be a nice timesaver. Thanks!

I’m not sure about this – it seems a rather non-standard thing to do. How about using Home/End instead of scrolling? That won’t move the score vertically.

Tony, I remapped Home and End to jump to start and end of flow, respectively, and I mapped Page Up and Page Down (which sit directly above Home and End on my keyboard) to move the score view to the right or left. Much better than scrolling with the touchpad, IMO.

I’ve seen in some software and I can even recall my external mouse configuration allows to freeze in either horizontal or vertical movement (if desired) based on which movement you did first.
Anyway, I’ve just discovered that with my macbook trackpad, if you hold down shift, whichever direction you move the trackpad that’s exactly the behaviour the OP wanted.

On Windows, positioning the mouse pointer in a window’s horizontal or vertical scroll bar and using the mouse wheel scrolls in the appropriate direction.

I’m a laptopper, so shift-scroll it is. Thanks, all.