Feature Request: separate keycommand for zooming in mixer

I don’t really need to be doing lots of zooming in and out of the mixer all the time, but since 7 with the sharing of the zoom keycommand with the project space I often find myself inadvertently zooming in the mixer which is a pain…

If there was a separate keycommand for zooming in the project space and a separate one for the mixer, one that did not rely on window focus, dedicated keycommands no matter which window has focus, it would be loads better…


Grate idea, I’m always doing the exact same thing.

However you might want to re-post this in the feature request forum, where it is more likely to be noticed by the folks who can make this happen.

+1 … this is quite annoying.

not very clever to share long time well known key commands among active parts of the programm now - what were the programmers thinking? Have the beta testers not been annoyed by this?
This here is just another example of bad prorgramming - C7 is full of it!

+1 yep it is a right pain in the butt