Feature Request: Setting "out of range colours"

I’m having a stab at writing a short piece for a colliery brass band (Grimley!). According to the literature, not all players are equal; indeed some are beginners who can’t yet play all the notes on their instrument.

So, would it be possible to set the “out of range” colours on a per instrument basis? This would help in deciding which plays what, eg cornets 3 versus cornets 2 for example.

Maybe orange for “getting difficult”, and red for “no chance” ?

As an aside, NotePerformer does a pretty good job with it’s samples.

This might answer your question:

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Great, thanks Daniel, I’d combed the manuals and forum but hadn’t come across this. I’m sure it will take a lot of dev time to implement, so I’ll be patient.

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"no chance’ :smile:
I conducted a very junior band back in the 80s and I wish we had digital video back then. These little people par par par-ing away through Our Director was life-changing.