Feature request - Shortcut to load instruments

I would like a shortcut to load instruments directly on the midi/instrument track itself. (On the icon for the track type, right next to the track number). That way the user dont need to open the inspector and find the right tab to load instrument. Will save me a lot of time for sure.

I would also like to request:

  • Time stretch audio and midi by typing in a percent (not just by dragging).

  • Be able to edit automation points on a selected track only. Sometimes when the automation point is either at minimum or maximum value, it is easy to mistakenly edit the next track/lane instead. A way of being able to lock the selection of automation points to just one track would be neat.

just for vsti shortcut : in your “keyboard shortcut” & in “edit” (was edition in french) select “edit vst instrument”
et voila you can open the vsti of selected midi track or inst track !

Great tip, thanks!