Feature Request: Show instrument label when hidden empty staff appears

Dorico 4 is wonderful. This is probably already on your list, but:

When a player holds multiple instruments and empty staves are hidden, an option to display the instrument label every time the player’s staff appears.

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Do you mean the staff label in the margin? Dorico already shows instrument change labels by default above the staff at the point at which the change occurs. Sorry if I’m misunderstanding your request.

Not the staff label, the instrument change label. The instrument label shows at the point where the instrument change occurs, but it does not currently show after the staff has been hidden for some time due to being empty. This would be useful as a reminder, but mainly because if you have set instrument change labels to appear at the beginning of the flow, but that player is hidden because their staff is empty at the beginning, their starting instrument will not be indicated when they come in.

But their Instrument is shown as a staff-label, isn’t it? Or are you using Player-names for Staff-labels?