Feature request: show keyboard split

Just starting with VST Live, looks very promising.

One feature I miss compared to the solution I currently use for performing live is seeing the keyboard splits configured in the layers together with the notes view, maybe as an option for the bottom zone.

I use an 88 key master keyboard and sometimes distribute 4 or 5 sounds across they keyboard for a song and when performing live it would be very helpful to have a quick visual reminder where the sounds are located. Would at the moment resort to putting this info as text in the notes but a visual represenation would make this much easier.

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As far as I know, already they finetuned the fonts-sizes also to make instrument-split more readable, so there must be an overview:)
(I’m personally not using midi synth with the app)

It would be very useful to me too!

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… yes, that’s a good hint. We’ll add it to the feature requests.



Some more background information to give you a better idea what I mean :wink:

For more than 10 years, I have already used Cubase for playing live - but when I started using Cubase / VSTs live there was nothing really usable for live performances out of the box.

So I programmed a very basic self-written front-end for Cubase for my live performances. I use Cubase only as a host for “fixed” VST instruments and by using the eight channels of the LoopBe30 virtual MIDI driver combined with 16 MIDI channels, I can address up to 96 sounds in Cubase.

Per song I can configure the routing, keyboard split, program change, transpose in a text grid. This configuration is auto-mapped to a visual representation of the keyboard showing splits and layers and sound names.

And once everything is set-up I can switch to the notes tab and have everything in place for the live performance.

However, VST Live seems to offer so much more than what I want / could do - complete free set-up per song, MIDI and audio backing tracks, overlapping sounds for song transitions, and much more … and in the end my focus is on making music not on re-inventing the wheel for something a company like Steinberg can do much better.

However my long usage of VST instruments in a live environments shows me that knowing with one glance where the sounds are is crucial.