Feature Request - Show Only to Player (in part)

Hi Daniel and all:

I’m busily exploring the wonderful improvements in Dorico 3 as I prepare an orchestral score for delivery in a few weeks. Great job, everyone!

I know there have been some earlier discussion about the “hide” feature (Daniel, I understand your reservations about this being a global option). I’m not actually advocating for that feature in this situation, but I think would be immensely helpful to have one the option to flag text items as “for player only.”

This would facilitate things that are extremely common in both educational music and works for professional orchestras. Some others have brought up that “solo” is a good example, but it would also accommodate things like timpani pedal changes and:

use left trill key
with trumpets
(a beat behind violins)

These things currently require us to use the color/percent workaround. If we were able to check a box for the item that would designate it “player only”, then it would also immediately prevent that invisible item from disturbing the staff condensing as well.

This approach would also work for things like showing the player where the trumpets enter (+tpts) … something that is extremely common in many types of music (particularly Broadway scores), but I think that would more properly be a new aspect of your excellent cue implementation. I’ll post that request separately.

I think this request is in keeping with your “players with instruments” architecture in Dorico.

Because these situations would be highly contextual and subjective, having all text have the “part only” feature would make more sense than creating a new category of thing as you’ve done (very logically) with fingerings.

Many thanks in advance! Love your work!

I do agree that we need a way to specify markings should appear only in part layouts, or only in full score layouts, and we will come up with a good solution for this in future.

Thanks! So happy with your product and learning more and more about 3.0 as I churn out this current project.